Our little farm is located in New Kingston, NY. There is so much magic in this tiny place. A friendly town held together by wonderful people, a tight community and local history, New Kingston is really something special. Only 15 minutes from Roxbury, Margaretville, Andes and Bovina but tucked away in its own enchanting world. 

We are committed to using organic and sustainable practices to grow our flowers to honor the naturally rich ecosystems present in our precious region. The Catskill Mountains boast some of the cleanest air and water and is home to a diverse ecological community of birds, bees, plants and wildlife-- all absolutely worth protecting. Using environmentally-friendly practices allows us to boost the population of our native pollinator friends and beneficial insects which are our most important flower farm helpers.

O'Connor Farm was a historic dairy farm established in the early 1900's. The original farm spanned hundreds of acres in this small valley. Owned by the same family for all of its history, the large dairy operation was put to sleep in the 1960's and the vast farmstead was scaled down to a sweet 20 acres. Included on the current farm is the original O'Connor Farmhouse, the ruins of the beautiful barn and the now restored milkhouse as well as forests, springs, pastures and a stream that meanders through the property.

As the current resident and an O'Connor relative, I am so proud to be a part of the O'Connor Farm history and so thrilled to have the opportunity to bring this incredibly amazing place back to life after all of these years. It's beautiful to honor the farming legacy of my family and pay tribute to the history of this land through O'Connor Farm's new flower chapter.

O'Connor Farm Flowers is a small flower farm on the remaining 20 acres of the original farm homestead growing cut flowers, herbs, garlic and ornamental pumpkins. 

We specialize in fresh, florist-quality flower bouquets that are harvested within hours of bringing them to you. Come check us out at the local Farmers Market or purchase a custom arrangement for yourself, a loved one, your or your upcoming event.
We are so looking forward to bringing our precious blooms to you! <3